Clay finish is a blend of carefully selected sands and unfired clays, mixed with pigments and minerals into a high quality natural plaster. The material is able to breathe and therefore a healthy alternative to existing products. Clay is one of the most sustainable materials for the building process because it is recyclable, compostable and above all reusable.


Clay finish is a 100% natural material and does not contain synthetic or other toxic components. Its moisture and temperature regulating properties contribute to a healthy and comfortable environ- ment. The textures and vibrant color tones specific to clay often form the decisive motivation and cannot be imitated by other products.


Different finishes are available in all 72 standard colours or colours on request. RAL- or other colour charts can be used as reference. Natural materials e.g. straw, aggregates or other minerals can be added for a specific result.


Clay is the future’s material and is already being applied in combination with the newest methods in today’s building techniques. Being a pure material, soft and healthy for its environment, with excellent acoustic and indoor climate regulating features, nonflammable, clay is suited for residential and public projects.

+Easy to apply, maintain and repair

+ Nonflammable

+ UV resistant, through body coloured

+ Filters the air and neutralizes odours

+ Regulates indoor climate and moisture level

+ 100% natural

+ Recycable and compostable

+ Non caustic

+ No water used during processing

+ Lifespan significantly longer than paintwork

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